jacaranda blooms

heidi willis

World renowned Heidi Willis, Australia's pre-eminent botanical and bird artist, has captured the majestic beauty of the Jacaranda with her amazing "Jacaranda Blooms - Blue Wrens".

Taking over 1,000 hours and so much of her heart and soul to create, this absolute masterpiece in watercolour is available as a fine art print.


Jacaranda dreaming

We've gathered Australia's best artists, artisans and designers to deliver magnificent works inspired by the Jacaranda tree, its most beautiful flowers and memories of Sydney in Spring time.

tanya reinli - decor

the bloom vase

Unique, distinctive, one of a kind.

Reminiscent of the tubular structure of the Jacaranda flower's corolla and bringing to mind the delightfully sensual experience of the Jacaranda's late spring, the Bloom Vase will bring a lifetime of charm and joy to your home.

Never has an artist captured the absolute beauty of the jacaranda like heidi willis.

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